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We’ll even help you negotiate the best terms.  Once you’ve selected your lender, upload your loan estimate and we’ll give you a customized analysis of where you can save money.

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We are mortgage and real estate professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The mortgage process has come a long way over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how difficult it is to shop for the best rate and lowest mortgage closing costs.  We have the insider knowledge and software to analyze your mortgage closing costs and compare it to industry standards. We also have a keen knowledge of lending laws and arm you with this information giving you the upper hand throughout the loan process. We are not mortgage lenders, which allows us give you  a completely unbiased analysis. Our only goal is to give you the tools to find the most cost-effective mortgage while taking some of the stress out of buying a home or refinancing your mortgage.
How Review My Loan Estimate works

Step 1

Upload your loan estimate and we’ll give you an easy to understand analysis of each fee and how it compares to lenders in your area. You’ll also gain valuable insider tips on how to negotiate and lower interest rate and mortgage closing costs.

Step 2

When it comes time to close on your mortgage, upload your closing disclosure and we’ll compare your final mortrgage closing costs to your loan estimate to make certain you’re not getting over-charged.

Step 3

Close on your mortgage with piece of mind, knowing you negotiated the lowest mortgage closing costs and interest rate.

"RevewmyLE explained my estimate better than my loan officer and helped me get them to lower their fees."

– J Costa

I was able to get $300 knocked off my closing costs! Service was well worth it and the reports really helped me understand mortgages.

– D Finn

I had credit problems and review my le taught me where to get the best mortgage. I also felt like I know more than my broker when it came time to apply for my loan.

– L Morrison